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Who left the oven on?

At school drop-off this morning, the usual line-up of big cars jostled for position up and down the length of the road. This nearly always involves double-parking then running into school at lightning speed to deposit Son2, before hot-footing it … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Sky

There’s a good reason why I love the Middle East at this time of year, but this weekend I left the clear, bright-blue sky behind and landed in what looked like a frozen tundra. Still, there’s no place like home! … Continue reading

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You’ve been warned – NO ice cream!

I must stop blogging about the weather. I know. Especially as the UK (where I’m hoping to travel to on Friday!) has been brought to a standstill this week with the arrival of an icy but pretty snowmageddon. My Facebook … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Fifty Shades Darker

Following on from my Fifty Shades of Yellow post the other week, here’s the sequel! This is what the sky looks like when a shamal (sandstorm) is being whipped up. Pretty amazing, no? And the best way to ensure a … Continue reading

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