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My first e-book: A quick summer read for just 99p (or less!)

Please share! If you’re looking for a light summer read, please think about downloading my first e-book. It’s a short (ish) story, and a super-quick, easy read. I’m raising a celebratory glass, as, believe me, I nearly went cross-eyed trying … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Gone fishing

Brothers are the best, especially when it comes to activities like fishing. My DH’s brother lives in Dubai, too, and when we all get together, I love stepping back and watching them all ‘be boys’ together.

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Looks like sand again this New Year’s Eve

Silent Sunday this week is another Christmas photo, which I thought was a suitable image as we slide into the new year …

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Our little fishing village that could

During nearly a decade of airline life, we’ve lived in or near three different cities, and with each move, I’ve noticed a theme: Our proximity to megamalls and Disney parks. It’s like we’re destined to live next door to either … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Happy Birthday UAE

“It’s a special day today,” piped BB at breakfast this morning. “It’s Dubai’s birthday!” To be precise, it was the UAE’s National Day today, marking forty-one years since the UK’s treaty expired and the separate sheikdoms decided to form an … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Fifty Shades Darker

Following on from my Fifty Shades of Yellow post the other week, here’s the sequel! This is what the sky looks like when a shamal (sandstorm) is being whipped up. Pretty amazing, no? And the best way to ensure a … Continue reading

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I like to be in America

It’s lunchtime. Everyone’s hungry and we decide to head to a Subway we haven’t been to before. “A 12-inch roast chicken on Italian, please,” I ask the man behind the counter. “Yes, Maam,” he says, nodding in agreement and loading … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: Glamping, UAE-style

I’ve discovered the most comfortable tent in the world – at the Banyan Tree Al Wadi resort in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. There were even desert gazelles wondering by. But just wait till you see what … Continue reading

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Where I went Wednesday

I’ve been loving Mrs Dubai’s Wednesday slots – so far, ‘What I wore Wednesday’ and ‘What I ate Wednesday’. I’m not even going to attempt a ‘What I wore’ meme because if you saw my outfit right now – navy jeans, … Continue reading

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Show me the way to go home

Whenever anyone needs directing to our villa here in Dubai, I grab a pen and a piece of paper and start drawing a detailed map with arrows, landmarks and my phone number for when they get lost. Addresses in Dubai … Continue reading

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