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When the housemaid’s away

It was a day I wasn’t especially looking forward to: our live-in helper and nanny Catherine the Great was leaving on a well-deserved vacation. Not for the first time – she returns to the Philippines for a month each year, … Continue reading

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On falling in love with the bus nanny

The most wonderful thing came into our lives recently. Yellow and long, with chunky wheels, squeaky brakes and snotty noses pressed against the window. It is, of course, the school bus and it saves us two hours a day through … Continue reading

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A sticky story about having a housemaid (and please don’t go off me!)

It’s no secret that many of us here in Dubai have housemaids, who double up as nannies and sometimes cooks too. A very small minority even drive, meaning the school run is magically done too. I’ve heard this wonderful perk … Continue reading

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