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Internet Scam Warning: Son2’s £280 iTunes bill

Parents Beware: My app-ortunistic son managed to innocently purchase adds-on to his FREE game without a password – arrrrghhh! It’s a Dubai problem, I know, but due to our compound pool springing a leak (think: standing in the middle literally … Continue reading

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App-ortunistic Son 2

I realise that in posting this, it’s going to sound like my children spend their whole time playing on electronic gadgets. I do force them to do other stuff too, like outings, homework and eating. But, let’s face it, the … Continue reading

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Technology infiltrates prayer time

Have you ever watched a three-year-old play with an iPad? It’s actually quite shocking. The way those chubby fingers fly round the screen, leaving smeery fingerprints as they go, and the way the machine is handed back to you with … Continue reading

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