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“Las Vegas on the Persian Gulf”

So The Telegraph put the cat among the pigeons yesterday with this controversial column entitled: Who in their right mind would want to visit Dubai? For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a small taster: “For starters, it has an … Continue reading

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14 Reasons Why You Should NOT Move To Dubai

Every now and then, I get a comment on my blog that goes like this (and this is a real example!): “Everything is soo fake there makes me cringe how the whole city is set in a dessert” Did you … Continue reading

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When 68 days of summer holiday isn’t enough

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that two months and a week would be long enough for a school holiday. It certainly was for me. Today the epic summer vacation came to an end for Son1 – Son2 still has another day … Continue reading

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Office life versus mummydom

These past few weeks I’ve been working on a magazine down in Media City – some 10 years too late. Publishing offices here are full of skinny media types, with trendy clothes, silky hair, and because it’s Dubai, a sun … Continue reading

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Eid part II: Ending up in the ER

I blogged a few days ago about how my plan to spend Eid in England didn’t work out. Well, we did go away after all. To a well-equipped room, with a TV, en-suite bathroom and round-the-clock room service, centrally located, … Continue reading

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On falling in love with the bus nanny

The most wonderful thing came into our lives recently. Yellow and long, with chunky wheels, squeaky brakes and snotty noses pressed against the window. It is, of course, the school bus and it saves us two hours a day through … Continue reading

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Doing battle with a three-year-old

I try not to say too much about DH in my blog because he’s rather mystified by the concept of Facebook updates let alone blogging. But I can’t resist documenting a conversation I overheard between him and the little boy … Continue reading

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A sticky story about having a housemaid (and please don’t go off me!)

It’s no secret that many of us here in Dubai have housemaids, who double up as nannies and sometimes cooks too. A very small minority even drive, meaning the school run is magically done too. I’ve heard this wonderful perk … Continue reading

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A fire and a sandstorm all in one day!

It was mid-morning when the school sent text messages to all the mums. I say mums, but ours actually came to DH, as the teachers still seem to think he’s a better bet. The first words, “The Civil Defence has … Continue reading

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Why working from home isn’t working

There’s something I’ve learnt about work in Dubai – it’s quite different from being gainfully employed back in the UK or US. You can ‘get away’ with things here – so you hear stories such as my friend’s tale about … Continue reading

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