FREE e-book for readers!

PSSST, my little e-book is free! It’s up for grabs for the next 24 hours at:

In the UK: Click here
In the US and worldwide: Click here
Alternatively, please search for Cupcakes & Heels in your local Amazon online store.

And because I’m feeling super generous (and thrilled that it’s reached the number two spot in the Amazon 45-minute reads fiction section), I’ll email it to you if you don’t have a Kindle or iPad (with the Kindle app). Just leave a message for me below, or on the Circles Facebook page here.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]Here comes the blurb:

Workaholic mum Julie Wainscote becomes an overnight Twitter sensation when her live TV gaffe goes viral. Fired from her job, she takes up the challenge of becoming a stay-at-home mum to her son, Jacob.

But when she realises the school run is a catwalk, the coffee mornings involve competitive catering and the class bear has been to Lapland, she has to admit the adjustment required may be beyond her. Does she have what it takes to join Dubai’s ranks of immaculately groomed school mothers?

Someone was even kind enough to say:

An uplifting and candid story about one of the most difficult decisions any mother has to make. A truly funny, insightful and beautifully written slice of parenting life.”

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]COMING SOON: Have you ever just popped into IKEA? In my next book (due out in the next couple of weeks), you’ll meet all sorts of characters you’ll recognise. Helicopter Mum. The Atlantis Tooth Fairy. Shopaholic Katie, who disappears down the Karama rabbit hole while buying handbags. There’s also school teacher Hilary (will she get to keep the Range Rover gifted to her by the royal family?); little Amir, a historical character who wants nothing more than to do his first, dangerous pearl dive; and horrified, overworked Marcie, whose husband gets overexcited at the Expo 2020 and swaps their housemaid for a robot.

Watch this space for: Circles in the Sand: Stories about life in the Big D


About Circles in the Sand

Sun worshiper, journalist, mother, pilot's wife and distracted housewife living in the land of glitz and sand
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5 Responses to FREE e-book for readers!

  1. Nicolette says:

    I soooo enjoyed Cupcakes & Heels and absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on Circles in the Sand – the book!!

  2. Nyokabie says:

    I know I’m late, but possible to get the book on email please?

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