WIN! Flowers to give away

Today, I came home to a lovely surprise: these beautiful, fragrant blooms from! I can honestly say that their sweet scent has made the whole room smell like a florist. And there’s a gorgeous bouquet for one (UAE-based) reader too!

Entry is easy: Just leave your name, email address and a few words saying why you’d love to receive flowers in a comment below. The deadline for entries is midnight, Thursday 2nd October, and the person with the best reason will be treated to a delivery shortly after. You could also leave a response on my Facebook page here, if that’s quicker. Good luck! (and sorry it’s only open to UAE readers!)

Go on, drop me a line! I’d love to make you smile this Eid.

Go on, drop me a line! I’d love to make you smile this Eid.

Thank you to for running this giveaway through the blog. The online florist’s arrangements contain fresh-cut, hand-tied flowers, with a bouquet for every occasion and delivery throughout the UAE and worldwide.


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Sun worshiper, journalist, mother, pilot's wife and distracted housewife living in the land of glitz and sand
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16 Responses to WIN! Flowers to give away

  1. Fresh flowers is one of the few things I really really miss living here. Coming from the land of tulips where there are flower shops in abundance I always feel a bit sad when I see the selection in the local supermarkets. It would make me so happy to receive a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers and it would remind me of being home.

  2. saman nasir says:

    The presence of flowers sparks the memory when gave them, what words you used and the general loveliness of the moment. Flowers are a surefire way to grab a woman’s attention and make her continuously think how beautyfull they are whenever she glances at the bouquet.

  3. Janine Pearson says:

    In the past three weeks I have had guests staying with us for two and a half weeks (three different sets of visitors). My Dad is now with me from Australia. He has a bad cold and has not got off the couch. My kids are going insane from having to share bedrooms and not able to study like they should. I am having to constantly figure out how to entertain everyone and what we are going to eat for the next meal – all while still working from home 7 hours a day (which all visitors seem to think is not really working!). Everything is out of whack! Truly exhausted so some flowers to brighten up the house would be just lovely!!

  4. Rimpy Gupta says:

    i would like to receive this lovely bouquet for my son as this is his bday week…he is going to celebrate his day on 6th October.He had gone through quite a lot during last year as he has some health issues.Would love him to celebrate his bday with great happiness and wish him all the best with these lovely flowers…

  5. faiza saeed says:

    I just love the smell of fresh flower’s and would really want this colorful blooming bunch of flower’s as it’s my other half’s birthday month and this would be a great surprise for him with home made red velvet cupcake’s 🙂

  6. faiza saeed says:

    I just love the smell of fresh flower’s and would really want this colorful blooming bunch of flower’s as it’s my other half’s birthday month and this would be a great surprise for him with home made red velvet cupcake’s 🙂
    Name: Faiza Saeed

  7. tahira ali says:

    Flowers always make people better,Happier & more Helpful.
    They are Sunshine, Food & Medicine to the Soul.
    Name: Tahira Ali
    Email :

  8. Maheen Abbas says:

    I shall win as I have never received them for a long long time, its a medicine to one’s soul I so want to make myself happy. Sometime self therapy is the only booster you need to get the strength to live on and Move on, If I buy it would not give me happiness to this extent npt coz I spent money but coz I know i haven’t earned it through participating and I love if it says “Let it Go” XOXO (to take away all my stress )
    Name: Maheen Abbas
    Email id:

  9. Pink Asfoura says:

    I’d love to win these for my granny. She specially flew down from India to help me move to a new house. If it were me, I wouldn’t have even finished working on my house till Christmas. There would have been still unpacked boxes and sleeping in a mess. Thanks to my gran, she has set the place up and ready. I love her to bits and would love to thank her with some amazing flowers from ❤

    Monica Ramesh

  10. Brona Torokova says:

    Love to get a bouquet of fresh flowers which would decorate the house and make us all happy.

  11. shadanazeer says:

    I just love to have a flower bouquet to gift it for my loving husband on our 11th wedding anniversary which will be on October 19th . Just want to thank him by giving a surprise gift for giving me a happy married life with blessing of three kids .
    Shada Nazeer

  12. Camille says:

    Flowers are always a fabulous way to express gratitude and say thank you!!
    After 10 years in Dubai we left in May to move to the UK.
    I came back last week for work and staid with a friend of mine.
    I’d love those flowers to be delivered to my friend’s maid who made my stay more personal and more enjoyable than any 5 stars hotel.
    She also reminded me how lucky people in this region are by getting help at home. It’s a real luxury 🙂
    So thank you Dina!! Keep smiling and enjoy those flowers (just borrow a vase from your M’dame 😉).

  13. Nimisha Navlani says:

    Flowers are symbol to start a new day with a smile, a gesture to show your love, care, respect without using words. Gifting this to someone close to my heart will make the person & myself have a beautiful day.
    Nimisha Navlani,, 0567748748, dubai

  14. alaa fawzi says:

    Name: Alaa fawzi
    I would like to receive this bouquet for my aunt . she was diagnosed with breast cancer last month and I want her to feel better . Because When I enter a room filled with flowers, I feel the words “pleasure”, “contentment”, “satisfaction”, and “comfort” .

  15. Insiya says:

    I am getting engaged on 17th Oct & me and my mom are running around from place to place daily to shop/setup & make arrangements for the entire function. She’s tired & exhausted with all the errands along with taking care of 3 other much younger kids & managing the house & finances simultaneously! I am sure a bouquet of fresh flowers would bring the widest smile on her face which I am absolutely dying to see!
    Insiya Husain

  16. Nesa Rao says:

    I wanted to have fresh flowers as back home it is considered to be one thing that reveals your love for the other. I wanted to give this to my husband and it is one first wedding anniversary today. He will love that and it will bring smile on my face.
    Name: Nesa Rao

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