School narcolepsy

So from the high that was Amsterdam, comes the bump of real life, and dealing with a problem that presented itself just before half-term.

You know something’s not right when you get a call from school asking you to pop in. I duly did so, the very next morning. And while everyone I spoke to couldn’t have been nicer (or more helpful), the writing was already on the wall.

My son fell asleep (twice) at school.

He denies it, of course. Son2 is not stupid and knows sleeping at school is frowned upon. He has an elaborate story about his friend L telling him to lie down on the grass outside and close his eyes. When the teacher found him snoozing on the little, landscaped hill, he was actually awake and just playing a game, he claims. Hmmm, nice try!

It’s possible, I suppose (a pig might have been flying past too), but I happen to know that the teachers are right; my 5YO is too tired for school at moment, because HE WON’T GO TO BED.

He resists sleep like there’s no tomorrow. Like he’ll get kidnapped in the night by the bogeyman and injected intravenously with vegetables. However tired he is in the late afternoon, at bedtime his eyes snap wide open, as though propped apart by matchsticks. He clamours for attention: “Just one more book!”, “Stay with me, pleeeeeease!

What should be a fairly quick routine turns into a marathon, and it’s little wonder that there are many bedtimes where I feel like this afterwards…

The school wants him in bed at 6.30pm: I wish!

The school wants him in bed at 6.30pm: I wish!

Sometimes, 45 minutes later, I’ll creep past the boys’ bedroom, treading with a feather-light step so as to make no sound, and notice that Son2 is STILL kicking his duvet around.

What happens next is, because the schools start early here, his owl-like ways catch up with him: we have to literally drag him out of bed and prop him up downstairs. He’s caught up on some sleep over half-term, but mainly by sleeping later in the mornings, which doesn’t bode well for tomorrow, his first day back.

When the alarm goes off, I’ll be yanking him from a deep slumber again – what he doesn’t need to know is that I’ll be as good as sleep walking too.

Wish me luck!


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9 Responses to School narcolepsy

  1. Dubai Mum says:

    Reblogged this on Dubai Mummy and commented:
    Really feeling the pain!

  2. Dasa says:

    Soory, but by reading this I laughed so hard 🙂 Poor boy. I know exactly what you mean. I was also always so sleepy in school.

  3. Use melatonin for awhile to get him back into a regular sleep cycle. It works wonders for our family. They make flavored dissolvable ones that the kids like.

    • I think I need that too! I’m looking out for them! I’m wondering if they sell them here…next time we come to the States I shall have to stock up. Thanks for the tip and lovely to hear from you! 🙂 xx

  4. MsCaroline says:

    We had a lot of trouble with #2 falling asleep in elementary school – I do feel your pain! One strategy that helped us was books on CD. I picked a few interesting (but not super exciting) children’s books on CD and would put one on for him after I finished reading to him. The voice of the narrator helped him feel a little less alone, and gave him something to listen to if he was still wide awake and feeling bored. Usually, he’d drop off by the end of the first chapter.

    • I really am so glad to hear it’s not just my son! I love the books on CD idea. Will definitely be trying that. And infinitely better than my voice droning on! Thanks for the reassurance! xx

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