Hello Holland

I know you might think, ‘Didn’t she just get back from somewhere?’ when reading this post, and you’d be right. But sometimes you have to do crazy things to, well, make life that bit more interesting. Like fly for 13 hours to basically have dinner with your husband.

I think most pilot’s wives would agree that being married to a man who continually packs his suitcase and jets off to the other side of the world with a kiss and a wave isn’t always easy. There’s the absences, the jetlag, the readjustment period when he gets back and the jealousy (yes, that’s me. It can be challenging being gracious when he’s headed to Hong Kong and the furthest I’ll get is the supermarket with two fractious kids in tow).

But his job does come with an enormous perk that I try to make use of, because I absolutely love travelling (well maybe not the actual travel-with-kids bit, but the getting there and seeing new places). The perk – and don’t go off me – is the ability, if the stars align, to go to work with him.

This week, several things including babysitters in town, time off from my office-job and space on the airplane (both ways!), amazingly, came together and so Monday morning saw me rising early to catch his flight to Amsterdam sans kiddos.

“Now don’t go crazy on the packing,” he told me, the night before. “It’s only 24 hours, remember.”

And packing (without having to think about the children) was indeed a breeze, as was skipping off to the airport without my usual checklist of things the kids will need to keep them entertained, fed and subdued on a long flight.

After seven blissful hours on board, we arrived in Amsterdam and immediately set out on a whistlestop tour, taking in the canals, bikes and houseboats. “Let’s go,” I urged, determined to see as much as possible. “I think we’ve got three hours of daylight left!” The next morning, we had another couple of hours before it was game-over and time to get back on the plane.

I love flying with my DH at the controls. We met when we were 15 – we lived through the Top Gun years together, when aviation was a twinkle in his eye; we listened to Pink Floyd’s Learning to Fly endlessly. Our married life started with him working as a flight instructor, teaching kamikaze pilots how to restart a stalled engine – in the air. Then, after a year of gruelling interviews during the post-9.11 airline slump and finally getting the break he deserved, came the miniscule salary paid to first officers on regional jets in the US.

It’s been one helluva (in a good way) journey, and to say I’m proud of him for making it to the helm of the A380 superjumbo is an understatement.

“Did you enjoy Amsterdam?” he asked after our trip, as I wearily got out of bed to return to work after arriving back past midnight.

“What did you think of my landing?”

I loved it DH – and I loved our long-distance Valentine’s treat.

Amsterdam: Bikes, canals, croissants and Van Gogh, in 24 hours

Amsterdam: Bikes, canals, croissants and Van Gogh, in 24 hours


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Sun worshiper, journalist, mother, pilot's wife and distracted housewife living in the land of glitz and sand
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18 Responses to Hello Holland

  1. Dubai Mum says:

    Talk about the stars aligning! Glad you snatched such a romantic weekend together! Wow…Top Gun…..I didn’t appreciate Mr Cruise back in the day as much as I appreciate him now!! Glad you got to have a lovely break in lovely Europe!

  2. Very jealous you got to go to my home country. You were a little early otherwise you could have squeezed in a visit to the Keukenhof to see the tulips. Also next time try and see the new Rijksmuseum it’s supposed to be amazing. However I think I am even more jealous of you spending 24h together with your DH sans enfants!

  3. Ooooohhhh I love it! I’d like to be able to do that too, just travel in a whim. Unfortunately, by restricted passport is a big issue. Oh well.

    Lovely Valentines treat! 🙂

    • oh, the passport issue is such a pain. I have a couple of friends with the same problem – I really hope it doesn’t stop you travelling. It must make doing things on a whim really difficult. I guess the good thing about having to plan in advance is having time to look forward to it and read up! I seem to do all my reading afterwards! xx

      • It really sucks for us, you’ve no idea. It doesn’t stop me from traveling though but when I do, I always go for minimum 2 weeks. I don’t have the luxury of going for a 3-day holiday, it would just be a waste of time and money for me. 😦

      • I’m glad to hear it doesn’t stop you! I can really imagine it sucks – that’s exactly what my friends told me. Roll on your next 2-week holiday! xx

  4. Fabulous. When your husband has a job like that I’d say take every opportunity you can to go to work with him! 🙂

  5. Dasa says:

    Beautiful! Like an incredible romantic movie. I’m really happy for you 🙂 You have to take advantage of every single opportunity like that.

  6. That sounds wonderful! I love Amsterdam. And it’s definitely a place to go without kids!

  7. Cherry says:

    I absolutely love reading your stories. It brings me back to the time before kids when I use to travel with my hubby all the time. So glad you got a special whirlwind 24 hrs together. That keeps you young.

  8. Ida Cabiati says:

    Wow, the last time I was in Holland was easily 18 years ago! Yes, there are plus and minuses being a pilot’s wife but more plus I would like to think. Hope you are well 🙂

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

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