The working mum’s costume fail

Tomorrow is book character day at school – the day school is invaded by a mini fictional force made up of Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, Angelina Ballerina and other favourite storybook characters.


It’s all part of book week, during which we’re invited to send in money so our kids can spend it at a book fair (or attempt to buy crisps instead, as I suspect my son might try), take part in the Gazillion Minutes of Reading @ Home initiative (okay, it’s a million, not gazillion) and come up with a costume for the dress-up day.

Don’t get me wrong. I do think all this is great – I absolutely love reading, and trying to impart a love of reading to my sons has been really rewarding, as has watching BB learn to read.

It’s the dress-up part that’s bothering me. Because tomorrow BB will go to school wearing a pair of too-small yellow plastic trousers (part of an old fireman’s outfit), a T-shirt emblazoned with a train and a kids’ pilots hat – the dishevelled assembled sum of which is meant to make him look like a steam train driver from his Flying Scotsman book.

Not an accurate depiction of the blogger

Not an accurate depiction of the blogger

Even he knows it’s a crumb-y costume. And I know there will be outfits that mums will have spent ages making. Costumes that originated from Pinterest and were then lovingly hand sewn and accessorised.

Still, it’s not that I didn’t try. I’m just having a crazy busy week, with a new freelance job (ironically, for the PR company handling the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, which we dragged the boys to this weekend and STILL failed to come home with a suitable book) and I haven’t had a spare minute.

After work today, I sped into our local bookstore, practically setting the paperbacks alight, to try to buy a Fireman Sam book, to go with the old fireman costume I knew was hanging in the cupboard (they not only have to dress up, but also take the book in).

“Do you have Fireman Sam?” I asked the man in the bookshop hopefully.

“No,” he replied after glancing briefly at his computer screen.

“How about any book about firemen, perhaps?” I tried.

“No, nothing,” he said, shaking his head (and I’m sure he laughed, sensing my desperation).

I tried to persuade BB he could wear his Halloween costume instead. “Look, we can use a pen to colour in the skeleton so it looks like a normal pirate’s outfit,” I trilled, as he looked on glumly.

“Or maybe your brother’s spiderman top will fit.”

“That’s a film, mum.”

“I want to go as a dog,” he finally said, getting excited at last. “Floppy the dog from my phonics book. Can you make a dog costume? Please, mummy, please make me a dog suit?”

And mums who work and also leave things like this to the eleventh hour will know exactly what the answer to that request is.


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5 Responses to The working mum’s costume fail

  1. MsCaroline says:

    Oh, does this bring back some panicked memories! Fortunately for me, MrL is a costume-deviser extraordinaire (he also sews, if you can believe it) and has always risen to the occasion when my humble powers failed. But I know what you mean about those crafty and super-involved mums: we used to have to draw out of a hat to go on field trips at the boys’ schools when they were small – worst was in Texas. And the costumes? Don’t even get me started. Laughing, but completely ‘getting’ it – you summed up the plight of the not-so-crafty-mum perfectly!

  2. M says:

    My son dressed as a triangle for his KG2 class book week dress up day. It was from the book the ‘Lazy triangle’ and all he did was wear jeans and a shirt with a huge triangle pinned to his shirt. *facepalm*

  3. Anna says:

    Oh, you made me smile! I saw your blog as I was searching for a kids ‘pilot costume. My son has a careers day at school. He wants to be a pilot, apparently he was inspired by a pilot, who visited the school (“His uniform is what I liked, Mum.”). I have been unable to find anything that would remotely resemble a pilot hat- we are talking Ras Al Khaimah here. Having been to Temal I thought the military outfit is not far off…but then thought of all the other children in his class who would, without a shadow of a doubt, state how far off, indeed, it would be. And as last week he attended a local superhero themed birthday party in a spiderman outfit that belongs to his brother – at least one, if not two sizes too small- no mask could be found, I felt he deserved to feel happy about his costume. I was seriously considering crocheting a hat ten minutes ago until I saw a glimpse of hope on the kidzania website. And on your blog :). Thank you.

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