“C’mon! MOVE!”

A little problem developed this week – just of the frustrating variety, so nothing serious, but I think we’ve ALL been there.

It started on Mother’s Day. Sunday is a school/work day for us and it began like any other, with the addition of my parents staying.

I’d parked the car to drop LB at school, and that’s when it hit me between the eyes: A Mother’s Day special.

head-strong someecards“I’m not getting out,” LB huffed.

“Oh yes you are,” I replied.

“Oh no I’m not!” “Yes you are”; “No”; “YES” [possibly said with a hiss]. Back and forth we went, like a game of ping-pong.

I won this battle, but it was just the prelude. He refused to walk through the mosque (strange phobia about only taking this short-cut if no-one else is there), then stopped at the edge of the sizeable, grassy field we have to cross to reach the right side of the school.

He crossed his little arms, and planted his feet firmly in the grass: “Too far. NOT walking.”

And, believe me, I tried everything. I talked nicely. I got cross. I gave him an evil look (apologies: way too early, knackered, lost the will to parent). I walked all the way across the field myself, thinking he’d follow. He didn’t.

After being locked in Round 2 for five minutes or so, and getting late by now, another mum, who happened to also be a teacher, came to the rescue and distracted the inner monster LB enough to allow me to drag – yes, drag – him to his classroom.

The next day was of course groundhog day (as was the next day). But, happily, this morning, I found the solution! And it was nothing more than parking next to the big yellow school buses, which not only meant a slightly shorter walk but also made it fun – for the four-year-old, at least.

Who knew? That, as a parent, you’d have to conjure up fun and games at 7.45 in the morning. Talk about absolutely.blimin.clueless!

The route he has to walk: I know his legs are short, but seriously, it can't be more than 250m

The route we walk: I know his legs are short, but seriously, it can’t be more than 250m


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Sun worshiper, journalist, mother, pilot's wife and distracted housewife living in the land of glitz and sand
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5 Responses to “C’mon! MOVE!”

  1. Brenda Oates says:

    Clever pic!

  2. MsCaroline says:

    This would probably only work once, but MrL was always very good at initiating obstacle courses. “See that tree over there? Waaaay over there? Well, I bet you can’t run there and back and around the water fountain in xxx seconds.” Especially useful when we were stuck somewhere for a while. You could keep changing up the course or trying to get them to beat their original time. It also tired them out, but of course, that was just a bonus. ; ) Good luck, I hope it’s a short-lived phase.

    • Thanks MsC! MrL sounds like he had some great tricks up his sleeve! I used this trick at the swimming pool the other day – “I bet you can’t swim over there in 20 seconds” – and it got me some quiet floating time! 🙂

  3. merinz says:

    I went off very enthusiastically to a parenting course many years ago and the first lecture was entitled ‘How to shape the will of a strong willed child without breaking their spirit’. I was expecting that I would learn all the answers. No such luck.
    The main point I remember was that we were lucky to have a strong willed child as they would make their own decisions in life and would not be unduly influenced by their peers.
    And that was the way it worked out. But getting to that point had some rocky moments not unlike what you ae experiencing right now!

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