A 7-year-old’s day

“Mummy, I’m SO excited! So excited to tell you!”

BB burst through the front door, dropping his schoolbag and lunchbox on the floor in a heap.

I could hardly wait.

Long-time readers will know from a previous post that I’m a mummy who lives in hope of her children telling her something about what they’ve done at school that day (“I don’t want to talk about it” is the usual response).

“What is it BB? What happened?” I replied, ears agog as I picked up his discarded socks.

“I’ve got to the next level on my DS machine!”

There's BB at the back of the bus, on his Nintendo DS

There’s BB at the back of the bus, on his Nintendo DS


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4 Responses to A 7-year-old’s day

  1. Littleboy1 is always trying to tell me about some exciting thing that’s happened on his DS. I have to totally feign interest. He’s definitely not allowed to take it to school though – school wouldn’t allow it and anyway, he would lose it!

    • To my absolute astonishment, BB somehow manages to hold onto all his stuff, and even know where it is! Maybe my anally retentive ways have rubbed off! But even so, he’s not meant to take his DS to school either – he just sometimes manages to sneak it into his school bag as he’s darting out the door in the morning and jumps on the bus so fast I can’t stop him!! xx

  2. MsCaroline says:

    Hey – you just appreciate what you get, right? I say, a conversation about DS levels is better than no conversation at all! When Son#1 was small, he would regale us for HOURS with extensive descriptions of all of his Pokemon characters and which level he was at in his games (they were all named after colors and jewels.) MrL and I would sit there,almost glazing over in boredom but trying to feign interest as he would recite the characteristics of each Pokemon, its powers, and what it would ‘evolve’ into (eg, Jigglypuff becomes Wigglytuft or something like that.) He could recite this stuff almost without stopping to breathe for what seemed like forever. Oh, and a word of warning: some of his friends at Uni still have DSs and play with them!

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