That sinking feeling at bedtime

My sons are absolutely obsessed with the Titanic. It started after DH told them the story at bedtime, and has grown out of all proportions so that they now want a story about a different sinking ship every night.

Yesterday evening, when I got in from work, they were both sprawled on the sofa, watching the Titanic movie again.

“Mumm-eeee,” they squealed, immediately bouncing into action to kick off the most frenetic two hours of my day.

Not the part little boys want to see

We fast-forwarded the ‘kissing bits’ and got to the part where the boat hits the iceberg and the seawater comes rushing in, which always grips them until they’re wide-eyed – their pupils dilated – with an emotion I can’t quite define.

And that’s when the torrent of questions started.

“Mummy, how many doors did the Titanic have? What was it made of? Wasn’t it stronger than the iceberg? What happened to the iceberg? How many rats were on board?”

“I know Mummy, let’s make an iceberg!” [requiring ice, water, a plastic bottle, pens and paper].

I love getting home from work, but I must admit, after my commute and long day, my head feels like it might actually burst if I’m asked one more question I can’t answer, or I’m thrust into a Blue Peter-style project that simply can’t wait until tomorrow.

Upstairs, I finally managed to chase them into bed, only to be met with a barrage of demands that I stay with them until they’re asleep.

“Mummy, don’t go,” whimpered a by-now alarmed BB, coming down from his watery special effects-induced adrenalin high and entering over-tired territory.

“I’m scared the house is going to sink…”

Cue another 25 minutes of cuddles and reassurances that we’re not at sea.

Next time, they’re watching the romantic bits instead – even if it means listening to that Celine Dion song.

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6 Responses to That sinking feeling at bedtime

  1. MsCaroline says:

    I love all that Titanic stuff, too! When I was very young, my dad had a book (published by NatGeo, I think) called, “Men, Ships, and the Sea,” which included an artist’s rendering of the ship – lights ablaze- going down. I was absolutely fascinated by it, and have been ever since. I went to see the ‘Titanic’ exhibit when it was in Phoenix (if it ever comes to somewhere near you, take the boys – it’s wonderful!) So sorry about BBs scare, though: you might want to wait a while before taking a family cruise…; )

    • I’d love to see the Titanic exhibition. A relative of my best friend in London was the ship’s doctor. Very fortunately for him, he didn’t set sail with the boat – he had to check everyone as they boarded, then he got off – lucky man!

  2. michelloui says:

    Funny post. Ever since seeing an Imax production of discovering the Titanic on the sea floor my daughter has had a strange obsession/fear of Things Under The Water, so much so that when we were canoeing on the gentle waters of the Mississippi near it’s headwaters a few years ago she kept obessing about any submerged logs we canoed over and asking everyone if they found them freaky too. Funny, what kids get into their heads.

    • I do remember a similar Things Under The Water fear from my childhood! It must be not being able to see what you’re treading on – I lived in fear of crabs at the seaside (and jellyfish, too)! Ah, I miss the Mississippi..

  3. Iota says:

    Came over in response to your comment on my latest post, and was going to say don’t feel you missed the boat on blogging – how very apt! It’s never too late.

    I went to see the Titanic exhibition, like Ms Caroline. It was wonderful.

  4. Thanks Iota! I tweeted your post during a bloggers’ Tweet-up the other day – I did enjoy reading it!

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