People-watching in summertime

Pretty girls are walking by in cut-off denim shorts and bikini tops, heading for the surf in high spirits. The atmosphere is laid-back. Casual. Anything goes.

A bright yellow, almost sunny-looking police car just drove by, followed by a slightly battered red vehicle with a surfboard on top.

There are elderly people doing their weekly shop, noticeable because their faces look weather-beaten and wrinkled. But they’re smiling and relaxed. As are the throngs of scantily-clad shoppers and beach-goers who are milling around, some sipping on a ‘flat white’ before resuming their Saturday-afternoon activities. Others heading straight for the waves.

If this doesn’t sound like the Middle East, you’re right. I’m far, far away, in Sydney, Australia (a country I fell in love with 10 years ago when I spent three months here as a backpacker), and I’m writing this post while people-watching at a cafe in Manly.

My body thinks it’s the middle of the night – such is the jet lag when you fly for nearly 14 hours straight. But it’s worth it: I love the vibe here – the way it shouts ‘Life is better in board shorts!’ I love jumping on and off ferries to get to Sydney’s beachside suburbs, the opera house, harbour bridge, botanic gardens, pie shops and the fact zebra crossings actually work.

Best of all is spending some quality time with DH [whispers: without the kids]. I literally ‘went to work’ with DH, tagging along on his 5-day trip to Australia and New Zealand. He’s flown on to Auckland now, which I chose not to do because I’m a complete amateur when it comes to jet lag. He’s used to it and not phased by doing both countries in 72 hours.

So now I’m solo in Sydney. Just me and the credit card. And a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, before DH gets back tomorrow night!

About Circles in the Sand

Sun worshiper, journalist, mother, pilot's wife and distracted housewife living in the land of glitz and sand
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6 Responses to People-watching in summertime

  1. MsCaroline says:

    So jealous….2C here right now and grey…I’m not too jealous of the shopping, but I would give anything to be sitting in the warm sunshine, soaking up the beach vibe! Enjoy your time with DH and I hope the jet lag doesn’t cause too many problems…maybe a nap under a sun umbrella somewhere is in order?

    • Oh i bet you’re finding it a long winter over there – any chance of another get-away? The end must be in sight soon? In the meantime, keep warm and buy yourself the most gorgeous coat you’ve ever seen! Plus accessories! The works! You deserve it!

  2. Pia says:

    The credit card is the best companion!!! Enjoy Sydney love!!! xxx

    • And he didn’t get the text messages coz he’s in the air, lol! Hope u had a great time in Sweden. Welcome home! sounds like you only just got back, flights are so full at the moment. looking fw to catching up v. soon! Not too worried about getting stuck here 🙂

  3. So there are some benefits to being married to a pilot! Very jealous, Sydney is one of my favourite places. Enjoy flexing that plastic and watching the surfer dudes……x

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