Penguins in the desert

Just when you think you’ve seen it all: Sharks at the Dubai Mall. Swarovski crystals on a BMW. The world’s highest restaurant.

Dubai goes and does it again, flying 20 penguins to the UAE ‘business class’ from SeaWorld in San Antonio so desert dwellers can pay 175 dhs (£30) to get up close and personal with the lovable birds in a giant freezer.

The interactive penguin colony has moved to a Dubai shopping mall, taking up residence at a fake Antarctica created inside Ski Dubai. In true UAE style, they’ve got private living quarters, an ice-cold pool and a staff of 13 butlers including a penguin curator who feed them restaurant-quality fish imported from Canada.

Snow penguins on show at Ski Dubai: You ever seen penguins on a mountain before?

In return, the 10 king penguins (the second largest type) and 10 gentoo penguins are expected to ‘offer a unique experience’ to visitors, including a penguin march several times a day from 2pm – which my kids couldn’t wait to see.

Checking over my shoulder that there weren’t any animal rights activists around with ‘Penguins for Profit’ placards, we paid the entrance fee to the snow park, got the kids bundled up and discovered for ourselves whether it was a case of Happy Feet in the desert or marketing gone mad.

Here’s what you need to know:

● Hand-reared from birth, you can’t help but fall in love in love with the penguins when they waddle in, flapping their wings and playing footie with their butlers.

● Newly established pairs are said to be courting already in their Dubai digs, meaning it could only be a matter of time before native-born penguins are hatched at Ski Dubai. We did see evidence of a love match – a bickering pair were having a right old barney.

Bird's eye view from the Costa Coffee above - in the words of Ski Dubai’s operations manager, “We ask the birds what they want to do, we never force them.” (!!!)

● You WILL get cold. You can opt to pay for the snow park and see the penguin march at close-hand, or shell out more for the ‘Peng Friend’ programme, in which visitors over three get the chance to interact with the penguins and view underwater swimming.

Alternatively, you could strike a deal with your DH and get him to take the kids in, while you go upstairs to the Costa Coffee and enjoy a great bird’s eye view for the price of a cup of tea.

● All visits are accompanied at all times so there’s no snow-ball throwing.

● While we didn’t do the face-to-face encounter, I’ve heard the penguins love meeting humans, will sit on visitors’ laps and even hug them.

● I won’t get into the rights and wrongs of this attraction, because it’s causing controversy, but the penguins weren’t captured from the wild and bundled off to the desert. They were born and bred in captivity as part of a breeding programme at SeaWorld.

● Being leered at by thousands of school kids aside, the penguins do seem to be enjoying the lifestyle of respected diplomatic ambassadors. And, another upside, there’s no chance they’ll be turned into lunch.

● One of the most hilarious things is the ‘poop and scoop’ guy who has to follow the penguins around cleaning up puddles of yellow snow.

Worth a visit, definitely, but it did make me wonder what’s next for Dubai: polar bears playing volley ball?

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8 Responses to Penguins in the desert

  1. Judy says:

    As usual Marianne, a great review showing just how ” out in space?!” life is in the BIG D! xx

    • Thank you! Guess where i am? Down the road from you!!! In Sydney, LOVING Australia! I do hope you’re making a good recovery, enjoying your time in Aus and that we see you in the BIG D on your way back! Xx

  2. Kathryn says:

    Great reading! You are too funny….. I had to quote you on FB!

  3. MsCaroline says:

    I always struggle with this when I visit zoos and other places that house animals in captivity. Torn between the thrill of seeing the animals close up and the guilt of knowing they’ve been torn out of their native habitats. Having lived in San Antonio for 6 years before moving to Seoul, we spent quite a bit of time at Sea World – especially when the boys were small…maybe I recognize some of those penguins….

    • I bet you did meet the penguins! We used to love going to SeaWorld when we lived in Florida! Yes, the conundrum is difficult… I haven’t been for exactly that reason, but apparently Dubai zoo is meant to be a sad place. SeaWorld always struck me as somewhere that was doing a good job – Hoping Dubai does as good a job looking after the penguins now they’re expats!

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