A note on competitive parents

Homework for kindergarten kids is a new concept to me, but I hear that it really kicks off from next term and can be a nightly battle.

To prepare BB’s class of five and six year olds for this, they had their first proper assignment this weekend – the kids had to research an object, such as a toy, television or car, and produce a poster at home, showing what the object looked like in the past and what it looks like today.

And the most worrisome bit: ‘Your child will then present the poster to the whole class as part of their summative assessment,’ the teacher told us.

And, believe me, this made me nervous. Not just about the presenting part, or actually making the poster, but because you wouldn’t believe how competitive expat parents in Dubai can be.

“I know, let’s visit the museum this weekend to do some fact-finding,” I imagined the other mums saying. “And work on some mock-ups first. Even better, why don’t we fly to London to browse the British Museum.” “Yes, and once we’ve finished the conceptuals, we can do a historical key in PowerPoint,” their DHs, getting into the swing of it, probably reply. “That’ll really knock the socks off the teacher.”

BB and I finally got down to it on Saturday afternoon, his attention captured momentarily because I stole an idea from the recent National Day celebrations – a classic car parade! It kept him focused for, ooh, all of 30 minutes, before he legged it to the play area.

Two hours later, I’d finished the poster, cleaned up the mess and hidden it so BB’s little brother wouldn’t scribble all over it – just in time to start thinking about dinner.

I think I’m going to be busy next term, when homework really gets going.

Colouring, cutting, sticking - I was in my element!

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4 Responses to A note on competitive parents

  1. Pia says:

    Great work! But that is was is making me upset cause it is actually more parents (Mums with time at their hands, not working) who can dedicate their whole days to these assignments whereas I have to secretly print some stuff of the work computer and google stuff on my lunch break. Last year, in my son’s class, one girl had a presentation on her father’s Ipad, the girl could barely read what was on it! My son had a very short presentation, showing off a solar system made out of a yellow styrofoam ball but at least it was his own work and he did manage to remember at least 5 of the 50 facts about it…!
    Love your blog as always! xxxx

    • Seriously, on an Ipad?!! OMG! E’s solar system sounds brilliant! know exactly wot u mean about having to surreptitiously print stuff off at work, etc – and coming home to get homework done must be the last thing you feel like doing when you get in from work. I hope bunko was fun last night! Looking forward to seeing you next week! xx

  2. MsCaroline says:

    Take a deep breath…and remember that we teachers can tell which project was completed by a 5-year-old and which project was completed by a 35-year old!

    • Well said Ms Caroline! And thank you for knocking half a decade off my age! You’ll be seeing some kindergarten projects soon! Looking forward to hearing all about it – I love hearing from teachers here about what it’s like having a melting pot of international kids! x

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