A fire and a sandstorm all in one day!

It was mid-morning when the school sent text messages to all the mums.

I say mums, but ours actually came to DH, as the teachers still seem to think he’s a better bet.

The first words, “The Civil Defence has advised…” were carefully chosen to make sure we sat up and took notice.

“…that students should go home due to the possibility of fumes coming from a fire in the industrial area.”

Of course, this unscheduled evacuation sparked a flurry of text messages and phone calls among the mums – to spread the word that any afternoon plans were toast.

“Have you heard?”

“The kids are coming home!”

“I was planning on an 11am Ashtanga yoga class, followed by a gellish manicure and a triple berry smoothie at the Lime Tree Cafe,” I imagined inconvenienced mums saying. “And the nanny insists on resting in the afternoon, I might actually have to take the kids to Magic Planet.”

My work plans thwarted yet again, we headed out when BB got home – and were plunged straight into our second excitement of the day.

While driving along, the 4WD was suddenly engulfed in a billowing sand storm. One minute the sky was clear and blue, the next minute a yellowish mist had descended, the wind was gusting and there was sand swirling everywhere. Visibility quickly reduced to about an arm’s length.

Apart from the high temperatures, we don’t get much in the way of extreme weather here so everyone in the car with the exception of me was loving it.

I was having visions of being swallowed up by the desert, while innocently on our way to watch Horrid Henry. I could see the headline in my mind, ‘Expats vanish in Barsha triangle’

Either that, or we’d get into an accident on the road, which you could hardly see through the thick, fog-like dust.

Thankfully, DH was at the wheel, and noticing that I was clutching my seat, he smiled and said kindly, “Don’t worry, the visibility is at least 50 metres – still legal for landing an airplane.”

Which is precisely why he’s in the right job, while I – my eyes nearly closed by this point – could never do it in a million years.

The sandstorm rolling in

Sand flying about everywhere (and if you happen to be outside, sand gets in your eyes, mouth, ears, hair and up your nose)

With visibility so poor, driving becomes hazardous

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Sun worshiper, journalist, mother, pilot's wife and distracted housewife living in the land of glitz and sand
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15 Responses to A fire and a sandstorm all in one day!

  1. Sandy says:

    Sand everywhere – nature’s loofah? Good dh was home to be the designated driver. xxoo ~Sandy

  2. Sarah says:

    Nice. I’m away in Melbourne at present so missed all the excitement. Looks like rain is on the way!

  3. MsCaroline says:

    What a day! So lucky that DH was driving! I probably just would have pulled over..
    We used to get sandstorms in Arizona (we even called them ‘haboobs’ which I think is borrowed from your corner of the world) and the boys loved to stand outside and watch them roll towards us, running indoors at the last possible minute. Never got caught in one while driving, though!

  4. FNB says:

    I drove home from Abu Dhabi in it – THAT was fun – and when I got in the house was covered in sand too. On the inside. Gotta love those air con filters…

  5. Kathryn says:

    “I was planning on an 11am Ashtanga yoga class, followed by a gellish manicure and a triple berry smoothie at the Lime Tree Cafe,”

    Man that made me laugh!!!!

  6. kristin says:

    So glad I missed it…and it’s too bad about that yoga class! 🙂

  7. Mrs Dubai says:

    Absolutely loving your blog. I think we lead parallel lives 🙂

    • Thank you Mrs Dubai, very kind! I totally love yours. It was my inspiration for starting – and for keeping it going now! And I REALLY hope you don’t mind that I’m continually stealing ideas from you! Yes, parallel lives definitely! 🙂

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